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Court Marriage Procedure in India is the most common procedure to get a person legally wedding. According to law, there are various prescribed conditions for a marriage ceremony. Before this ceremony, the groom and bride have to reach the judge three or four times in a day. When reaching the judge they have to declare their legal marriage details and their official addresses as well. Along with the above named formalities, each and every condition has to be fulfilled or else the case will be delayed.

Step 1-Notice of marriage: Firstly, the parties need to give notice to the marriage officer of the district. It mandates that the parties to the marriage shall give notice of the intended marriage in writing and in the form prescribed in the Second Schedule to the Marriage Officer.

Step 2-To publish the notice: The Marriage Officer shall publish the notice by affixing it to some conspicuous place in his office after publishing the notice; there is a waiting period for 30 days for any kind of objection. If there is no objection, then the marriage officer can perform the marriage.

Step 3- Objection to marriage: Under section 7, anyone can object to the court marriage within the 30 Days period that the marriage would violate any conditions specified in section 4 of the act. but the objection should be on a legal basis, not on a personal basis. The Marriage Officer, under section 8, on receiving an objection would enquire into it within 30 days and solemnize the marriage if the objection doesn’t impede the solemnization of the marriage.

Step 4- declaration by the parties and the Witnesses: Before the solemnization of the marriage, three witnesses are required in court marriage. Signature and declaration in the form specified in the Third Schedule, in the presence of the Marriage Officer by both the parties and three witnesses are required.

Step 5- Certificate of marriage: After following all these steps, the marriage officer will give the marriage certificate. And this certificate must be signed by both the parties and three witnesses. such a certificate is conclusive evidence of the court marriage.

Here is a list of some common documents that are needed for getting a marriage certification from our end:

  • Application form in the set format.
  • Date of Birth Proof for verifying Age of both the Persons.
  • Residential Proof of both the Persons. ( Like Passport / Ration Card / Driving License /Voter Card /Bank Passbook / Lease Agreement/ Rent Agreement)
  • Passport size photographs for both the marrying persons.
  • Residential proof and Pan card of three witnesses.
  • Divorce Certification, if any of the partners is a divorcee.
  • Death Certificate of the Spouse, if any of the partners is a widow.

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